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Published July 5, 2013 by whitecrow12013


Published July 5, 2013 by whitecrow12013

THE PERFECT ACT-People forget that he was completely innocent. But he sacrificed himself for the world. He became the scapegoat for an imperfect world. Would you know truth if you saw it. They must not have seen the truth- they crucified him. As Pontius Pilate said “WOULD YOU KNOW TRUTH IF YOU SAW IT?” HE SAID HE WAS INNOCENT????THEY RANSOMED HIM ANYWAY!!!!!BUT IT BECAME THE PERFECT ACT!!!


Published July 5, 2013 by whitecrow12013

As I was suffering from cancer. My brother was dying. We tried to comfort one another. I survived he did not. I miss his telephone conversations. It broke my heart to know that his wife told me he would sit and cry. Because I was more concerned for him then I was for myself. I missed his last phone call. I just hope he knew he was my umbrella amongst the rain and he was holding my hand. He is why I survived. He told me all the medications were killing us. After he died I got up and threw them all away. I heard his voice saying the medications are killing us in my consciousness and under the influence of all the medications. Would I have survived? If I did not throw the medications away? I am now almost 5 years in remission with no medications. He was watching over me. I would hold your hand brother forever and I would always be your umbrella. But I will always remember you were my umbrella and you were holding my hand. RIP MY BROTHER-WHITECROW

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