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Sachem Uncas-Mohegan Grandfather- Portrayed in “The Last of the Mohicans”-Sarah Royal Squaw- Tatobam Sassaus’s Daughter
Attawanhood Ahaden “Chief Joshua Uncas- Grandfather-Sowganosk Dark Star-Daughter of Arramamet-/Podunk-wife-Native Americans

Mary Joshua/Uncas Mohicans-” Atwell” -“Ingham”- Grandmother-Attawanhoods Daughter

Mary Atwell-Grandmother-MaryJoshua/Uncas Mohicans daughter-Native American

Daniel Comstock-Grandfather
Elisha Comstock-Grandfather

Anna/Fanny Comstock-Grandmother
Stanton Fargo-Grandfather
Lucretia Fargo-Grandmother
Lavinia Crouch-Grandmother
Isaac M. Fisk/Fiske-Grandfather
Sophronia Bell Fisk/fiske
Arlene Carroll-Mother

ME-WhiteCrow- Sachem Uncas’s Great Granddaughter and Sachem Sassacus of the Pequot’s Great Granddaughter- Sachem Arramamets Granddaughter of the Podunks



  • I live in Michigan so haven’t been able to travel to Old Saybrook. But I go there virtually on Google maps! Especially to Ingham Hill Road! I would love to chat with you more…but right now I must get to bed! Thank you for replying. Your site is very interesting!

  • One question I have is how do you know for sure that Mary was the gdaughter of Uncas? I have followed debates online between several geneologists that disagree. I am merely a dabbler but am very interested.

    • I heard the debates also. But your Grandfather Joseph was the overseer for Attawanhood. She is not Uncas’s daughter she is Attawanhoods daughter uncas’s third son. She left Joseph Ingham and had a saying I would not come back on the morrow or a thousand tomorrows. I had our ancestry sent to a record keeper of the Moheghans, They believe who I am. Plus I had DNA done. The funny thing it does not come back as native American but mind you. I have true Viking Blood and I come from The Finnic Volga Ural People which are ancient Sami people from the iberian peninsula. That link to the Algonquin Native Americans. Which our legend goes we come from the Iberian peninsula.

  • The Sami are the first people to come out of the last Ice Age. They are the Mother of all Native Americans. Plus like I said Why would a white women name her son Benoni then changed to John because of. Joseph Ingham. Look in virtual cemetaries for Royal Mohegan burial Grounds and the Sachems are named Benoni. Sachem means King in Mohegan. I would need a true mohegan Royal blood member to test DnA with but my Uncle is still alive he will carry the male bloodline. Plus he could not divorce her they believe because she was Royal and did not fall under English law. Plus a Lucinda Ingham down in history received land in trust to the children of Mary Uncas Atwell Ingham. For the Children and grandchildren of Attawanhood.

  • Plus one of the oldest families in Connecticut lists her as Attwanhood uncas’s daughter. I am related to all in connecticut from off the ship to the Governor of Connecticut. in my Ancestry its crazy. look under Baker family tree in Connecticut it will come up. Plus an Elder told me who has the true blood of Attawanhood and who doesn’t. But your talking dna from the 1600s . So I am having others done. To show the Haplogroups. Native Americans have specific haplogroups. But my mine link to the ancient Sami people.

  • My sister and I hae to go over the raw data on the DNA and it is changing all the time. It said it would when it linked to others who have had theirs done. I am matching many in Connecticut by DNA. But I need the Haplogroup Data we have been waiting for.

  • WOW that’s so interesting…I never knew! Lots of new stuff for me to look up now…thank you! Benoni is actually a biblical name from the Old Testament. I wonder how it came to be common in the Native American culture?? It means ‘son of my suffering’ in Hebrew’. How were they exposed to Hebrew??

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