Upholding the Constitution of The United States of America

Published February 7, 2013 by whitecrow12013

Upholding the Constitution of The United States of America

Men and women are fighting for this Country everyday. They are laying their lives down for us. They fight for freedom and the rights that freedom gives them and the rest of the 200 million Americans. Changing one Iota of our Constitution. You change what are forefathers fought for and what they are fighting for everyday. The right to be free. If they think they can change one amendment in the Constitution. The government will think they can change them all. What is wrong with america ? You think there is Equality when one says I’m a Republican and one is a Democrat? That already makes for inequality!!! One thinks it is already superior over the other. There is a Quote in the bible : A house divided will never stand!! Some of our so called politicians who preach gospel better reread the bibical verses over again. Beware the ones who speak with forked tongues. Say one thing and do another. Beware The Wolves in sheep clothing. We are our brothers keeper. I’m not even christian and know your bible better than those politicians who hide behind the gospels. All politicians speak forked tongues and are wolves in sheeps clothing. They sell out to who ever has the most money. Period!!! Who has the bigger stakes!! which ever way you choose to say it. But it is disgusting to think they would change one Iota of what the some of the greatest founders based this country on. Tyranny of their own government. Our soldiers are dying everyday overseas. Nobody wants to hear the nonsense jibberish from men who have not the right to speak and even think about changing our constitution. You should all be impeached!!! You are destroying our country with your bull crap!! America is tired of hearing about your big fat paychecks. When most of America is struggling from all your idiotic decision making. it’s the politicians fault where America is today. You all should be ashamed of yourselves.I’m not ashamed to be an American. But The ones that run our country makes us look like fools to the world!!!


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