The world shoul…

Published January 25, 2013 by whitecrow12013

The world should stop worrying about guns!!! The teachers and Spiritual Leaders should be teaching how sacred life is!!!!No one holds life Sacred anymore. No one knows true PEACE. True teachers are missing on the Earth. How truly sad 😦 Please if you want to say your comments say them!!! But do not disgrace my Grandfather!!! I would not disgrace yours!!! You disgrace mine you disgrace the Father from Who they come from. I simply wanted help from a true Elder of my People!!! So I could hand down things to my children and Grandchildren. I thought it was a blog for indigenous people nothing more or less than!!! To compare me to someone? You don’t even know me!!! My Grandfather’s would be proud of me. But to put my Grandfather’s name in a context that is degrading is plain Evil. Who has an Evil heart? Just because someone doesn’t agree with you!!!! Are you a Spiritual Leader or a Gun Activist? I don’t know if it’s this confusing than are you a True Spiritual Teacher from the creator? I think Not


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